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Natalie Maxfield Dowse
Born May 11, 1958 BIC
Endowed October 21, 1978
Married Michael Lawrence Dowse
October 27, 1978

Natalie Maxfield

Ned and Natalie prior to Bible Reading Program - Dramatic Art Lessons.jpg

Back - Sharon Bird Nila Nadine Nanette and Elaine Front- Nalin Natalie Darrin Bird and Ned in 1967

Back row - Nila and Nanette Front Row - Ned Nalin and Natalie Halloween 1970

Natalie Maxfield as Baby

Natalie 1st day of school 1967

Nelden Norm Elaine and Vard - Ned Santa Nanette Natalie Nila Nita and Nadine with Nalin seated in front

Nila Natalie Nanette Nalin and Ned (Elaine in the foreground) - Lake Powell 1971

Christmas Caroling at the Allderedge's

Natalie and Mike Dowse Christmas Card 2017

Natalie Maxfield as Baby

Maxfield Family on Vacation - Back - Vard and Elaine Front - Norm, Ned, Natalie and Nanette

Natalie Nita Nila Nanette and Elaine 1970

Nila, Natalie, Vard, Nalin, Nanette, and Ned 4th of July backyard barbecue after Oakridge Country Club Swim

Family picture outside house

Natalie and Michael Dowse Wedding Invitation Picture

Anthony (Tony) Wayne Dowse

Born October 3, 1979

Janelle Marie Dowse Ott

Born February 9, 1981

Stacy Ann Dowse Burnett

Born November 11, 1982

Jeremy Michael Dowse

Born December 21, 1987

Richard (Ricky) Albert Dowse

Born April 23, 1990

Ricky Dowse

Gregory James Dowse

Born May 14, 1993

Misti Lynae Dowse

Born October 3, 1997