St Clair Nixon
Born June 18, 1897 - BIC
Huntington, Emery, Utah
Baptized June 1, 1905
Endowed October 29, 1919
Married Lyle Glazier
September 27, 1923 - Salt Lake City, Utah
Died May 7, 1969 - Los Angeles, CA
Buried Provo, Utah

St Clair's wife - Lyle Glazier Nixon

Ezra, Nina, Jessco, St Clair, Grace

Back Row - Uncle DeVirl, Jesco Nixon, Grace, Mildred, Marge Dean, Erma, Ed Rich, Grace Lee, Olive, June (picture), Elaine, Ruth, Dean (picture) , Effie Dean, Harold, Aunt Nina, Aunt Lyle, Mailne (child) St Clair
Middle Row – Marilyn Stewart, Uncle Willy holding Gladys, Aunt Margaret holding Phyllis, Effie Dean holding Suzanne or Karen , James William Nixon II, LaRue, Ezra holding Dorothy Dean
Front Row – Bill Stewart, Jay Nixon IV, Harold Jr. Reed Nixon, DeVirl Nixon, Jack Nixon, Richard NixonJames and Effie 50th Anniversary - Written on Back of Photo - Grandpa nixon's B'day and Golden Wedding Anniversary - Sept 7th 1938 - Erma's Rec

Olive Willie Nina Myrtle & St-Clair

St. Clair

St Clair and his wife, Lyle Glazier Nixon
raised three faithful children in the gospel. They have a large posterity. Lyle was a very loyal and faithful wife. Each of his children knows, without any doubt, that he loves them individually with an undying love. Each of his children reciprocates that love back. There is something in St Clair’s spirit that is intangible that provokes this reciprocal love. We do not know what it is, nor can we describe it to others, but it is as real as our existence. Family is all that any man can take into eternity with him when he pass-es from this life. It is his family that will endure throughout the eternities.

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L-R Back St Clair, Nina, Effie, Olive, Willie,  - L-R Front Myrtle, James W II, Ezra, Grace, Jessco

L-R Back Ezra, Nina, Effie, Grace, Olive, L-R Front St Clair, James W II, Willie, (seated) and Jessco (standing)

Olive, Willie, Nina, Myrtle, St Clair

St Clair Baby

St. Clair

St Clair

Willie and St Clair

Back Row ?, Grace Dean Nixon,  James William Nixon II,  Effie Dean Wooley Nixon, St Clair Nixon, Olive Ida Nixon, Frank Leslie Hickman Middle Row -  Ezra Nixon, Harold Israel Bowman Sr. Effie Nina Nixon,  Effie Dean Bowman (Baby) Margaret Lea, Marjorie Dean Nixon (Baby), James William Nixon III, Jesco Nixon Front Row - June Hickman, Elaine Hickman, Grace Lea Nixon,  Erma Hickman, Dean Hickman

Effie Nina Nixon Bowman, Harold Israel Bowman Sr., Harold Israel Bowman Jr. Olive Ida Nixon, Frank Leslie Hickman, Devirl B. Stewart,  Devirl Stewart Jr., Grace Dean Nixon, St Clair Nixon, Lysle Glazier, Dean Hickman, Middle Row - Margaret Lea, James William Nixon III, Effie Dean Woolley, James William Nixon II, LaRue Olson, Ezra John Nixon, June Rene Hickman,  Front Row - Grace Lea Nixon, Phyllis Nixon, James William Nixon IV, Marjorie Dean Nixon, Effie Dean Bowman, Nina Elaine  Hickman, Olive Erma  Hickman