Richard Smoot Nixon
Born April 14, 1930
Provo, Utah
Baptized June 4, 1938
Endowed January 30, 1950
Married March 31, 1953
Loretta Dalbey

Back Row - Uncle DeVirl, Jesco Nixon, Grace, Mildred, Marge Dean, Erma, Ed Rich, Grace Lee, Olive, June (picture), Elaine, Ruth, Dean (picture) , Effie Dean, Harold, Aunt Nina, Aunt Lyle, Mailne (child) St Clair
Middle Row – Marilyn Stewart, Uncle Willy holding Gladys, Aunt Margaret holding Phyllis, Effie Dean holding Suzanne or Karen , James William Nixon II, LaRue, Ezra holding Dorothy Dean
Front Row – Bill Stewart, Jay Nixon IV, Harold Jr. Reed Nixon, DeVirl Nixon, Jack Nixon, Richard Nixon James and Effie 50th Anniversary - Written on Back of Photo - Grandpa Nixon's B'day and Golden Wedding Anniversary - Sept 7th 1938 - Erma's Rec

Loretta Dalbey And Richard Smoot Nixon

Standing  Steve, Loretta, Richard, Christine Nixon Fletcher, Don Fletcher, Bryan King Seated James, Debbie, Stewart, Rachael, Bryce King, Tyler King, Catherine Nixon King, Carol

Ruth Hickman Coon Funeral - Nixon Cousins - Back Row - Jack Nixon, Francine Stewart, Bill Stewart, Reed Nixon, Joyce Nixon, Loretta Nixon, Richard Nixon, Vard Maxfield, Marion Hansen, Front Row - Charlotte Nixon, Wilford Coon, Erma Bird, Grace Lea Nixon Johansen, Effie Dean Nixon Rich, Elaine Hickman Maxfield, Maline Hansen

Richard Steven Nixon

Richard Steven Nixon

Back Row  Debbie, Leslie (daughter), and Steven Nixon Front Row  Richard and Loretta Nixon